About us

Mozambique Terminal of Minerals is an open space located inside the Beira Port perimeter. The open space is 50 000 m2, with capabilities to handle various different types of minerals, ranging from granite to metal.

We provide efficient and transparent storage for cargo owners looking to move their product through the port of Beira. With our direct railway connection, discharge and handling becomes all the more productive.

Our dedicated machines and highly trained personnel assure you the best quality service, in an environment where every extra second counts.


  • We focus on fulfilling the logistics requirements to and from Mozambican Ports into the hinterland
  • We simplify logistics by introducing innovative technologies and improving efficiency and transparency
  • We think, we grow and we succeed with our partners together


With MTM’s new and dependable machinery, logistics partners are provided with first-class, on-time services such as:

  • Storage
  • Lift on/Lift off
  • Administrative procedures
  • Weighing
  • Tally
  • Handling
  • Railway connection brokerage


Our open space is equipped with premium bulk handling equipment, allowing us to handle bulk goods efficiently, and without product loss. We are specifically equipped to service the following industries:

  • Minerals
  • Fertilizers
  • Metal Ore